Engweg 14 ,
Atelier begane grond zij ingang

Driebergen Rijsenburg

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New Ceiling

Building my atelier studio was a great experience. Learned to build walls, place windows, put my own ceiling in and so on. It gave me a lot of confidence. I never thought I could do all those things before I started. My dream is now to build my own tiny house one day. From September 2017 until the summer of 2018 I build my own atelier studio in Driebergen.

Together with lots of volunteers we build in an old hay barn a new cultural center and 16 atelier studio’s.

On a Cold Day in April I Build My Ceiling…..

I never knew how much hard work but also fun it can be to build your own space. During the winter it was cold to build with no heating and freezing cold outside. I loved how everybody worked building their studio and working in teams to get the job done.

The walls are build with a light weight system and the units are build within the space. The construction of the roof is still visible and beautiful.