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Driebergen Rijsenburg

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White Kuala

On each side, I made a different design. Mostly harts and leaves my favourite!  The white soft leather stays white overtime because this leather is dirt proof. Furthermore, it feels super soft and did you know:  the leather is clean, durable and stain proof!



23 x 30,5 x 6 cm / 9.1″ W x 12″ H x 2.4″D

Strap length 129 cm / 50.8″


White leather handbag with a turquoise side and black shoulder strap

White cowhide on both sides
Turquoise soft leather side.

Raw suede unlined interior


Leather White Artisan Handbag with harts

Beautiful leather white crossbody bag with different designs on each side! Motif inspired with big flowers, harts, and leaves. O so stylish!