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Cowhide Beige White Handbag Danja

This cowhide beige white handbag is a messenger bag model. It has a large flap and a big interior pocket on the back. The fantasy motif on the flap has different colors. From white to grey to beige. The bag is handmade in my studio in Driebergen.


High-quality leather

Thick high-quality Italian leather that ensures the handbags best quality, fitting body proportions, and stylish! Did you know that the hide is stain proof?

The medium size beige handbag has a decorated flap.

Leather handbag with a beige shoulder strap
– White Beige flap with design
– Beige leather frame
– Raw suede interior
– Zip pocket at the back of bag for wallet and phone



23 x 32 cm / 9″ W x 12,6″ H
Strap length 118 cm. / 46,5″